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JLA Technologies Offers Full Analysis Capabilities
Individual Component
  1. Electronics Enclosures (space-based and airborne)
  2. Communications Reflectors
  3. Mirrors and Optical Benches
  4. Radiators (Composite and Metallic)
  5. Radomes and Fairings
  6. Instruments: Room Temperature and Cryogenic
  7. Hot Structure: Hypersonic and Re-entry Vehicle TPS
Full Spacecraft / Aircraft / System Analysis
  1. Orbital Heating Analysis
  2. Launch to On-Station
  3. External and Internal Aircraft Convection (Forced and Free)

Steady State and Transient Analysis

Special Expertise
  1. Expert in thermal design and analysis of advanced composite structures
  2. Developed temperature mapping capability to transfer temperatures from thermal to structural models accurately
    1. Essential for accurate thermal distortion predictions
  3. Integrated thermal / structural modeling
  4. Existing partnerships with structural analysis and design engineering consultants to provide added capabilities