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  1. Numerous ComSat Reflectors
    1. Customers: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Alcatel, Alenia, Orbital Sciences, Astrium, Space Systems Loral, MELCO

  2. TES -Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer (JPL)
    1. OBA, Structure, and Earth Shade
    2. LHP, CCHP, System Design

  3. CloudSat (JPL)

  4. Herschel Space Telescope (JPL)
    1. Primary Mirror
    2. Test Correlation to 70 K

  5. TEAM I (JPL)

  6. Stardust Composite Electronics Enclosures

  7. MightySat 2.1 Composite Satellite Bus

  8. Lynx IMU
  1. GIFTS Optical Telescope (NASA Goddard, SDL)

  2. EA6B Radome

  3. Mesa Radome

  4. Commercial aircraft
    1. Nacelle Anti-icing analysis
    2. Ventilation and pressure relief
    3. Duct flowrate and pressure loss calculations

  5. TPS (Thermal Protection System) for hypersonic vehicle

  6. AARGM missile

  7. ATA aIRU (Advanced Inertial Reference Unit)

  8. AFRL Cygnus Deployable Space Experiment

  9. Numerous Electronics Packaging Programs