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Jamie Abbott

JLA Technologies

8111 El Extenso Ct.

San Diego, CA 92119

Telephone: (619)795-6884

Cell Phone: (619)838-8732

E-mail: j47abbott@cox.net

Jamie Abbott


2004 - Present President of JLA Technologies San Diego, CA

Independent Consultant Thermal Analysis

         Currently working on numerous applications including both space-based and terrestrial systems company

         Air and fluid cooled with forced and free convection

         High heat flux heat transfer

         Temperature control systems


1996 - 2004 Composite Optics, Inc. San Diego, CA

Thermal Analysis Group Lead Engineer

         Responsible for all thermal analysis tasks at company

         Technical direction of junior and senior engineers, outside contractors and consultants

         Thermal analysis of space and airborne composite and metallic structures

         Program management

         Composite electronic equipment chassis design and analysis

         Thermal hardware sizing, analysis and procurement (MLI, Sunshields, paint, OSRs, tapes, coatings)

         Analytical code development


19851996 Rohr, Inc Chula Vista, CA

Thermodynamic Lead Engineer

         Responsible for all thermodynamic analysis on Boeing and GE programs

         Technical direction of junior and senior thermodynamicists

         Heat transfer, anti-icing, ventilation and pressure relief analysis

         Air/hydraulic fluid flow in ducts (compressible and incompressible flow)

         Analytical code development


1981-1985 Hughes Aircraft Company Fullerton, CA

Thermal and Structural Analyst

         Structural and thermal analysis for ship-borne electronic chassis

         Air/water cooled equipment

         Analysis of equipment chassis, circuit cards, CRT terminals



1983-1985 Cal State Fullerton Fullerton, CA

         Master of Science: Heat transfer and fluid dynamics

1977-1981 California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Pasadena, CA

         Bachelor of Science: Engineering and Applied Science

Specific Expertise



o        Convection, conduction, radiation heat transfer analysis

o        Detailed finite element thermal analysis plus system level finite difference analysis

o        Compressible and incompressible fluid dynamics

o        Mathematical modeling and dynamic simulation

o        Thermodynamics

o        Current active Secret and Secret+ security clearance


o        Ventilation and pressure relief analysis

o        Anti-icing analysis

o        Radome heating

o        Hot engine exhaust structure analysis

o        Duct pressure loss analysis (Compressible and incompressible flow)

o        Dynamic system analysis

o        Thermodynamics


o        Component and system level analysis

o        LEO, GEO, Transfer orbits, Launch

o        Orbital heating and radiation exchange

o        Thermal hardware sizing/design, analysis and procurement

(MLI sizing, Sunshields, paint, OSRs, tapes, coatings)

o        Thermal vacuum testing

        Electronic Packaging

o        Electronics cooling analysis

o        Circuit card analysis

o        Full electronic chassis analysis

o        EMI / Grounding / Lightning strike protection

        Thermal Protection Systems (TPS)

o        Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) and metals

o        After-burning engine exhaust system components

o        Hypersonic vehicle external TPS

o        Reentry vehicle TPS

        Programming Experience

o        Fortran

o        Numerical Analysis

o        Analytical code development

        Current Analysis Tools

o        TAS finite element modeler

o        SINDA/G thermal analysis solver

o        TSS orbital heating and radiation exchange software

o        Thermal Desktop

o        Thermal to structural model results mapping (for thermal distortion analysis)

o        TSS Heatrate mapping

o        Fortran duct pressure loss code (compressible and incompressible)

        Other Analytical Tool Experience